Prof. Dr. Sebastian Haunss

Academic Career

since 12/14 Head of the research group Social Conflicts
SOCIUM – Research Center on Inequality and Social Policy
University of Bremen, Germany
08/12-12/14 Senior Researcher
SfB 597 – Transformations of the State
University of Bremen, Germany
10/11-07/12 Visiting Professor (Vertretungsprofessor)
Chair of Comparative Politics
University of Konstanz, Germany
10/07-09/11 Lecturer (wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter PostDoc)
Department of Politics and Management
University of Konstanz, Germany
10/04–09/07 Lecturer (wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter PostDoc)
Institute of Political Science
University of Hamburg, Germany
10–12/03 Postdoctoral Research Fellow (wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter)
Collaborative Research Center 597 »Transformations of the State«
University of Bremen, Germany
05/03–07/04 Lecturer (wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter)
Faculty of Social Sciences
University of Essen-Duisburg, Germany
09-12/2001 Adjunct Faculty
Department of Sociology
San Diego State University, USA
02-04/2000 Visiting Research Fellow
Department of Sociology
Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
1999–2003 Doctoral Candidate at the Universities of Hamburg and Bremen, PhD grant from the Hans Böckler Foundation
Doctoral Thesis: Identity Movements or Movement Identities? Processes of Collecitve Identity in the German Autonomous Movement and the Second Gay Movement
(Identitätsbewegungen oder Bewegungsidentitäten? Prozesse kollektiver Identität bei den Autonomen und in der zweiten Schwulenbewegung in Deutschland)
1992–1997 Student at the Institute of Political Science, University of Hamburg, Germany
Masters Degree (Diplom) in Political Science and Computer Science
1989–1991 Student at the Faculty of Physics, University of Hamburg, Germany